Selling your New York home can be a whirlwind of emotions – excitement for a new chapter, tinged with the stress of navigating the complexities of the market. Here at Robert DeFalco Realty, we understand that financial transparency is key throughout this process. Let’s shed light on the various costs associated with selling your New York home, whether you’re in Staten Island or Brooklyn, and equip you with valuable tips to maximize your profit.

Unveiling the Breakdown: From Prepping to Closing

Before the "For Sale" sign hits your lawn, there are expenses to consider:

  • Repairs, Staging & Prep: First impressions are crucial. Potential buyers need to envision themselves living in your space. Minor repairs, a fresh coat of paint, and strategic furniture placement (staging) can significantly boost your home's appeal. This could range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the extent of work required. Fixing your home to sell might be the most expensive part but we have broken down some Staging Tips for Quick Sales so you don’t have to break the bank doing so.

  • Real Estate Agent Commission: In New York, realtor fees typically vary. This covers marketing your property, negotiating offers, and guiding you through the legal intricacies of the sale. While it's a significant chunk, a skilled agent can ensure you get the best possible price and minimize stress.

  • Seller Closing Costs: These encompass various fees paid at closing, typically amounting to 3% to 4% of the sale price. This includes transfer taxes (state and city), recording fees, title insurance, and attorney fees. Remember, NYC has a mansion tax for properties exceeding $1 million.

  • Moving Expenses: Moving can be a hidden cost eater. Factor in packing supplies, hiring movers, and potential temporary storage fees for your new home. Costs can vary greatly depending on the distance and size of your move. A personal fan favorite that has helped making moving easier is Piece of Cake moving and Storage Company. Organizing and packing to move can take days. Each time I have moved this company will even pack for you, so you can sit back and get yourself ready for the next steps in moving.

Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney in New York?

While not mandatory, having a real estate attorney on your side is highly recommended. They will protect your interests by reviewing contracts, ensuring title clarity, and handling complex legal issues that may arise during the transaction. Attorney fees typically range from $2,000 to $3,000.

How to Avoid Losing Money on Your Sale: Pro Tips from Robert DeFalco Realty

  • Price it Right: An accurate home valuation is crucial. Overpricing deters buyers, while underpricing leaves money on the table. Finding out how much your home is worth takes time and research. An agent will be your most accurate guide in this area. They will review your home's condition, location, and the current market. 

  • Negotiate Strategically: When selling your home, it's important to not immediately accept the first offer. This is because the buyer might request additional incentives or concessions to move forward with the deal. These incentives could involve covering inspection fees, certain closing costs, repair credits, and more. By using effective negotiation techniques, you can work to minimize the costs you're responsible for and make your home sale as profitable as possible.

  • Minimize Closing Costs: While some closing costs are unavoidable, there may be room for negotiation on certain fees. Working with your agent can help identify red flags such as potential hidden fees or unnecessary charges within closing cost estimates.They can also Streamline the Process,ensuring all paperwork is submitted efficiently to avoid last-minute delays that might incur additional fees.

  • Consider Selling "As-Is": If extensive repairs are needed, selling "as-is" can be an option. This reduces your upfront costs, but keep in mind you'll likely receive a lower selling price. This strategy should be carefully considered with your Robert DeFalco agent to determine if it's the right fit for your situation.

  • Stage Smartly: Strategic staging can significantly increase your home's value. It’s all about the visuals. When someone can envision themselves living in your house, it will entice them to purchase your home rather than one where too many changes need to happen. This could be as simple as rearranging furniture to create the illusion of a more open space and raising curtain rods to make the windows appear larger. Our team can advise you on cost-effective staging solutions to create a captivating buyer experience.

The Robert DeFalco Advantage: Your New York Selling Success Story

At Robert DeFalco Realty, we go beyond just listing your property. Our team of experienced agents is dedicated to maximizing your profit throughout the selling process. Moving is a stressful time, let our agents help take the pressure off. Here's how we can help:

  • Expert Market Knowledge: We have in-depth knowledge of the New York market, ensuring a realistic valuation and effective marketing strategy tailored to your neighborhood.

  • Skilled Negotiation: Our agents are seasoned negotiators who will fight for your best interests to secure the highest possible selling price.

  • Cost-Saving Strategies: We'll work with you to identify areas where you can save money on repairs, staging, and closing costs.

  • Seamless Communication: You'll have constant access to your dedicated agent for updates, guidance, and support throughout the entire selling process.

Selling your New York home should be a smooth experience. With Robert DeFalco Realty by your side, you'll gain clarity on the costs involved, navigate the process with confidence, and maximize your profit. Contact us today for a free consultation and let's turn your selling journey into a success story!


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