1. Why?

Before listing your home for sale it is first important to determine your Why? The reasoning behind choosing to sell your home will help your realtor understand your needs and deliver the highest possible service tailored to you and your situation.

2. CMA

One of the most important steps in the selling process is determining a precise and attainable listing price. In the ever changing real estate market on both a local and macro scale a myriad of factors must be considered in determining the ideal listing price. Two of the main factors used in determining this include the current interest rate as well as the supply and demand. Regardless of your needs as a seller, type of property to be sold, or current market conditions Robert DeFalco Realty has a team of over 400 highly trained real estate professionals. All of our agents are considered to be experts in their field each with their own specializations and expertise in the market making our brokerage ideal to serve the needs of any client.

3. Preparation

At Robert DeFalco Realty all of our listings regardless of price receive the utmost attention to detail when it comes to preparing your home for showings and for the property’s photos. All of our agents are specially trained to recognize small adjustments in a home that will make it more appealing for a buyer when viewing your home.

4. Marketing Strategy

All of our listings include a detailed marketing proposal that is provided to the property owner detailing the approach to be used in marketing their property. This includes the sites the property is to be advertised on, the marketing tools to be utilized, and other details such as open houses. All of this is done with the full intent to obtain maximum exposure on the properties listing and to obtain the highest selling price as well as the best terms for you as the seller.

5. Offer and Acceptance

Once buyers have viewed the property and you have received an offer of which the price and terms of the deal are satisfactory to you, the property then enters a period known as Acceptance. During this time the buyers perform their home inspection, due diligence, prepare their mortgage to be submitted if needed, and prepare to enter into a binding legal contract with their attorney.

6. Contract

The contract period is when, once fully executed, the contract becomes legally binding to both parties. The buyer signs the contact first and provides a contract deposit which is to be held in escrow by one of the attorneys. Following the buyer's execution of the contract the seller signs at which point the contract period begins. Due to the high complexity of contracts and their legally binding enforceable obligations it is a must to consult with your attorney and fully understand what you are signing. At Robert DeFalco Realty we have a top notch list of attorneys that we can provide as a referral that we are confident in representing your interests.

7. Get Ready to Close

Throughout the contract period your realtor and attorney will keep you informed of the progression of the deal. At a certain point you as the seller should prepare to close and move out of the property. This may include relocating, moving all of your possessions, or renting storage space if needed. All timing accommodations should be understood and agreed to by both parties before the deal enters into contract to avoid further delays and risk of the other parties then having the ability to cancel the contract if timing obligations aren’t met. Regardless of your situation your Robert DeFalco Realty Agent will be ready to assist you any step along the way. Always consult your attorney.

8. Close

The date of closing is most commonly set 1 to 3 Weeks prior to the date. This is the point when the deed is transferred and is considered the official sale date.


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