What to Expect When Buying a House in Staten Island

Buying a home in Staten Island is one of the best decisions you can make because Staten Island offers a lot of amenities that you might not find elsewhere. However, if you are a first time house buyer, there are many things you should expect when buying a house in Staten Island.

Despite the pros and cons, buying a house in Staten Island is a great choice. The borough is one of the top cities in the United States, giving you countless options in real estate. As realtors, the Robert DeFalco Realty team, with its extensive experience, recommends Staten Island as the place to live. Here are some things you should expect when buying a house in Staten Island.

1.      There are Many Options to Choose From

One of the main things you should expect when buying a house in Staten Island is the variety of options to choose from, each with its features that appeal to home buyers. Staten Island is mainly a suburban area among the boroughs of New York, and you can find any home style you prefer.

Co-op Real Estate

Co-ops are properties built for large multifamilies and consist of several living units. Co-ops are different from apartments in the sense that you purchase shares rather than rent, and all shareholders collectively own the building.

The shareholders choose board members that govern the building and decide on various issues such as renovations, who can buy shares, and more. You can find many co-op buildings in Staten Island.


Condos are similar to co-op buildings, except you are the only owner of the apartments, with some common areas for residents. Although more expensive, condos are an excellent choice for a family.

While there is a board that governs over the issues of the building, you are free to do whatever you like with your condo.


Townhouses are three to four-story buildings sandwiched between several buildings of the same type.

Townhouses are a common sign and one of the first choices for people to live in Staten Island. While some purchase townhouses with apartments on each floor, people with bigger families can purchase ones that operate as single homes. You’re responsible for the maintenance of your property and any renovation.

Detached Homes

Detached homes are building that stand alone and are more spacious than the options mentioned above. Staten Island has seen an increase in housing units, primarily detached homes.

If you have a big family and want a yard for your kids to play in or a porch to sit on, detached homes are a perfect choice. These homes are single units, meaning you have sole property ownership.

2.      Prices

A difference in prices is one of the biggest things to expect when buying a house in Staten Island. The prices differ from property to property, and you can check out the listings on the Robert DeFalco Realty page according to your budget.

While co-ops are the least expensive building, you must sacrifice some of your control. Townhouses can vary considerably in prices, ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to more than a million dollars. Detached homes, as one would expect, are the most expensive. To conclude, the better the conditions, the more expensive the home.

However, the price of homes isn’t as high as in the other boroughs in New York. With only 68.8% of the homes owned, there is a massive supply with little demand. However, the demand is increasing daily, with more people interested in buying a house in Staten Island. The median price for a home is around five hundred thousand dollars, with 40% of the houses ranging from $500,000 to $750,000, and the price will continue to increase.

3.      Job Market

You do not have to worry a lot about the prices of the house and if you can afford it. Chances are, you’re moving to Staten Island because you already have a job there. The Staten Island job market is diverse and is estimated to grow 32% by 2030.

According to the U.S Census Bureau, Staten Island is the second wealthiest borough of New York. On average, households in Staten Island earn more than $80,000.

4.      Neighborhoods

Staten Island is a borough of New York and is a neighbor of Brooklyn, Bronx, New York, and Queens. You can get to either borough using the Staten Island ferry. Hence, if you’re looking for large shopping malls and places you can’t find in State Island, it will only take an hour or so to get there.

Hence, you can enjoy all that New York offers without paying the high real estate price.

Additionally, Staten Island is known for its parks, perfect for a family outing or if you want to go for a hike. There’s also nothing to worry about regarding security since Staten Island’s crime rate is falling daily, and it is considered one of the safest places in the United States.

5.      Amenities

Staten Island offers plenty of amenities. Some of the things you can expect when buying a home in Staten Island are an outdoor swimming pool or porch, 24-hour gyms, over 170 parks to walk in, a wide variety of family restaurants (Staten Island is famous for its pizza), museums, zoos, cinemas, and more.   

If you are looking for particular amenities in your home, you can tell the agents at Robert Defalco Realty, and they will find the perfect home of your choice.

Robert DeFalco Realty Can Help You Buy a House in Staten Island

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