Cobblestone Streets and views of the New York Bay, Red Hook Brooklyn is home to its old school industrial feel and its big city flavors. Red Hook Brooklyn was once home to the country’s largest shipping ports. The commute to Manhattan is a twenty minute scenic ride on the New York Water Taxi. Red Hook Brooklyn is filled with unexpected treasures.

If you ever feel like being daring check out Brooklyn Boulders! Rock climbing meets fitness in this outstanding warehouse filled with many varieties of activities. Rock Climbing is just one of the things you will find in this eccentric neighborhood. Something also new to this trendy neighborhood is Fairway Market known for its grand views of the Statue of Liberty even during the winter months!

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Red Hook, ca. 1875

Red Hook’s name comes from the red soil found at the point of South Brooklyn (“hoek” is Dutch for “point”). Red Hook was of great strategic importance in the defense of New York Harbor during the Revolutionary War. There’s an IKEA there now, so score a surprising victory for the Swedes.