DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Underpass) was originally a ferry landing in a major industrial and manufacturing district. It has since become an upscale residential and shopping community, one of Brooklyn’s most buzz-worthy neighborhoods.

From its roots in 18th century industry, the area once featured warehouses, factories, and even a small, local railroad that ran through the Belgian block streets.



Today you’ll find the warehouses turned to shopping centers and the factories turned to lofts. (For more incredible pictures of DUMBO then and now, click here.) Some things, however, remain unchanged…

DUMBO is one of NYC’s premiere arts districts, as well as the city’s largest tech hub, with over 500 tech and creative companies. It also offers an official Historic District, as well as various historic architecture and attractions throughout the neighborhood.

empire-state-fulton-parkNYCgo praised DUMBO’s “spectacular waterfront access, thriving art scene and an architectural grandeur that’s at once raw and charming.”

Transportation options are endless. There’s access to the NYC Subway and MTA buses. Ramps connect to both the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge walkways. And you can still travel in the original DUMBO style… on the East River Ferry.

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