At the southern end of Brooklyn, you’ll find the oceanside neighborhood of Brighton Beach. This large community is the destination for many New Yorkers in the summer months, flocking to Coney Island and local beaches.

West_Brighton_Brooklyn_ca._1872-1887Before being developed in the 1860’s, the sandy terrain of Brighton Beach was mostly farmland. Then in 1868, a resort named “Brighton Beach” was built, and a vacation community was born.

In the early 20th century, Brighton Beach was redeveloped thanks in part to rebuilding of the railway and integration into the NYC Subway system. It has become a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood.

Brighton Beach residents have their pick of a diverse menu of restaurants, cafes, shopping and bars. The community also offers excellent schools, and is well-serviced by transportation.

Neat brick homes are side-by-side with large condo complexes that enjoy a great view of the water as well as smaller multi-family homes. Houses for sale in Brighton Beach run the gamut in price and size; there’s something for everyone.


Brighton Beach isn’t just for curious visitors. Residents get to enjoy all the things that draw the summer crowds… the beaches, the boardwalks, the surfing, the shopping, the food. This tight-knit and growing community has a great deal to offer its

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