The tedious, vexing process that is getting into a home is an achievement that once done, it well worth it. Many of us know people that have gone through the hoop jumping and now find themselves in their very own place. It’s exciting. It’s new. It’s a wonderful step to take in life and now you may find yourself in a position to get whoever that person may be a housewarming gift. You’ll want to get them something that lets them know how excited you are for them. To help streamline this process, I’ve comprised a list of ten unique housewarming gifts that are sure to convey your joy for your friend or family members’ new home.

Quality Cocktail Items

These can range from etched glass decanters to personalized shot glasses to movable side boards. boasts a line of high quality shakers that would be a great addition to any new homeowners bar. Think utility, the best types of bar essentials are things that will actually get used.

Personalized Home Decor

Anyone can go and buy a generic item as a home decoration. Someone in a new house wants to make it their own with personalized pieces that are true to them. There are many options available out there, from distressed style street signs to door mats, finding something that can be customized to match the individual recipient isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Cute Kitchen Gadgets

Think chicken and egg salt and pepper shakers, bread shaped bread boxes, or Betty Boop hot pads. The scope of unique kitchen gadgets is vast. Consider tapping into what your friend or loved one is into and finding a product that falls into that category.

Item of the Month Subscription

There are a huge variety of websites that offer subscriptions for items that can be sent on a monthly basis. This could be a cake of the month, jam of the month, magazine of the month, plant of the month, etc. This gives them variety as well as something fun and different to look forward to as each month rolls by.

Housewarming Party Kit

Once settled in their new home, whoever you are buying the gift for will likely want to have a housewarming party. Buying them a few fun things to go with the party could provide a little kick of excitement for that upcoming event. This could contain anything from games, to a nice bottle of wine, to party supplies (cups, plates, etc.).

A Gift Card to a Retailer

Listen, this may not seem like the most fun gift, but buying a house is an expensive process. There are also about 500 little things that pop up as household necessities after you move into a new home. Trash bags, nails, hammers, cleaners, mops, rags, plungers, weed killer, screw drivers… Being able to use a gift card to get some of those breakaway items is a welcome boon after a home buy.

Homemade Treats

Homemade doesn’t have to be cheesy, especially when food is involved. Delivering meals that need only be heated up or cute “cookies in a jar” can give people easy access to a yummy meal in the middle of a move.

Quality Kitchen Utensils
Gifting a quality set of kitchen utensils is a fun way to let someone know that you’re invested in this new chapter in their life. A quality utensil set could carry someone through years of use. offers hundreds of different fun, unique styles that make them an especially perfect housewarming gift.

Outdoor Accoutrements 

Odds are, your friend or loved one is going to have some sort of outdoor space. Invest in some tiki torches (which naturally help repel pesky bugs), a fire pit, or some comfy chairs for them.

Your Time

Moving can the ultimate test of someone’s patience. It’s a lot of work to pack up, load, unload, and unpack your entire life. Donate your time to your friend or loved one! Offer to help them unpack, run errands to pick up supplies if need be, or to just hang out for the sake of providing them with some company. Time is deemed many people’s most valuable commodity. Don’t be afraid to share it!

Being a new homeowner is exciting for anyone. Don’t let the gift you get for your friend or loved one fall flat. There are so many quality, thoughtful items available.