Trending Job Prospects in Brooklyn

Brooklyn county has increased the job market by 0.5% and is projected to increase by 30.2% in the next ten years. With more than 1.2 million people employed and an unemployment rate of only 5.7%, jobs in Brooklyn are becoming more sought after than ever before.

Called the Empire state, New York offers many career opportunities, most of which are in Brooklyn. With more than 20 types of industries and occupations, Brooklyn is slowly changing its trend in the job market. Read here to find out the trending career propspects in Brooklyn.

Restaurant Management

Managers are at an all high demand in Brooklyn. With over 40,000 restaurants, Brooklyn lacks the upper management staff to take control. The average earning of a manager is more than $60,000 a year, which is a considerable sum.

If you have an interest and experience in restaurant management, you need to apply as soon as possible. However, the most trending jobs in Brooklyn often have the most applicants. You need to ensure that your CV stands out.


Jobs in Brooklyn involving healthcare are booming, with many career options. Health care jobs can be divided into three types:

  • Health Practitioners: They make more than $70,000 annually, more than the country average for health practitioners.
  • Heath Technicians: They make more than $40,000 yearly, more than the country average for health technicians.
  • Healthcare Support: They make more than $25,000 yearly, more than the country average for healthcare support.

The most in-demand jobs in the health care sector are:

Registered Nurse Jobs in Brooklyn

Registered nurses are by far the most in-demand jobs in Brooklyn, with an annual salary of more than $90,000 yearly, with an average of $50 per hour. Nurse jobs are estimated to increase by 9% in the job market by 2030.

In 2022, New York legislators seek to pass a bill that provides incentives to nurses, including scholarships and loan forgiveness. To become a nurse, you must earn a bachelor’s or an associate degree in nursing, gain state licensure, and pass the NCLRX exam.

Nursing Assistant Jobs in Brooklyn

With an average salary of more than $40,000 and an estimated increase of 8% in the job market, nursing assistant jobs in Brooklyn are trending more than ever.

Nursing assistants are responsible for the daily tasks and care of patients, and according to the New York Department of Health, nursing assistants are responsible for providing 90% of the care in nursing homes. However, Brooklyn has seen a boost in nursing assistant jobs as they offer one of the highest salaries for nursing assistants.

Home Health Aide Jobs in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has about 160 home health aides, starting at $18 an hour. The average salary for home health aid jobs in Brooklyn is more than $30,000, and Brooklyn is seeing a rising trend in home health aide jobs.

Real Estate

Job in real estate is a lucrative career option which is currently trending in Brooklyn. Real estate jobs in Brooklyn can earn more than $80,000 a year on average and are projected to increase by 4% in the job market.

In USA, real estate agents require a license to work that is obtained by completing a real estate course and passing the state exam. They are responsible for representing buyers and sellers in different property transactions.

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Brooklyn’s education sector is booming, with 148 high schools and thousands of students. The average employee in the education sector earns more than $40,000 a year.

Direct Support Professional Jobs in Brooklyn

A specific job in Brooklyn in the education sector that is in demand is Direct Support Professional jobs. With over 17% of the students being disabled, the requirements for DSPs have increased ten-folds.

DSPs earn an average annual salary of more than $30,000 and are looking at a 33% increase in the job market by 2030. They are responsible for assisting in homecare, hygiene, and, more importantly, the education of disabled students, helping them learn how to do things independently.

If you want to make a difference in someone’s life and be of help while earning well, consider a job as a direct support professional.


The finance industry is booming more than any other in Brooklyn, with countless opportunities and career options. Finance jobs in Brooklyn are lucrative and in demand and offer lofty salaries. However, with such good conditions, the requirement is complex as well. Finance jobs require professional degrees in business, math, or economics.

Some of the most in-demand and high-paying finance jobs in Brooklyn are:

Investment Banking Jobs in Brooklyn

Investment banking jobs can earn you more than $100,000 a month. To become an investment banker, you need a four-year degree in a business-related field. There are many types of investment banking jobs in Brooklyn.

You could choose between Merger and Acquisition, Underwriting, Private Equity, or Venture Capital. All these fields have different tasks you will be responsible for, but each has a good salary.

Financial Planner Jobs in Brooklyn

Financial planner jobs can earn you an average salary of more than $60,000 and only requires a bachelor’s degree and a FINRA license. Brooklyn has many business opportunities, and many individuals need a financial planner for their investments.


There are many jobs in Brooklyn that you can choose. However, you need to choose one that you like. If you are doing a job you love, it will make working a lot easier.

The most lucrative job is that in real estate. Get in touch with Robert DeFalco Realty and learn more about a real estate job in Brooklyn.