Top Interior Trends Buyers Look for When Purchasing a Home

Like buying, selling a house is a complex process that requires you to consider several factors like average house value in the neighborhood, customer requirements, popular features, interior trends etc. Above all, you need to make sure that your house is as appealing as possible to potential real estate buyers to increase your chances of getting a good deal on it.

Of course, your house was a notable investment, so making some effort to get the best value for it seems like the best decision. One of the first things you must pay attention to, then, is interior trends. Everyone structures their home as per their preference, but you may need to change the interior when you decide to sell it.

This blog will cover the top interior trends buyers are looking for when purchasing a home right now.

Interior Trends Buyers Look for When Purchasing a Home

You need to remember that some preferences differ depending on the region you are selling your house in. The suggestions below are more general and cover the overall market trends. However, you can always look up your specific area to determine specific tastes.

Following are the top interior trends you should consider including in the house before you put it up for sale:

1.     Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is making its comeback, and more people like to see them in the houses they are considering purchasing. One of the reasons this flooring is popular again probably has to do with the fact that wooden or wooden textured exteriors are also trending right now.

Given their design compatibility, it makes sense to install hardwood flooring in such houses as well. The style is soothing to look at too, so it is a favorable interior option.

Interior Trends

2.     Ample Lighting

Nowadays, well-lit houses are the most on-trend, with people going to extra lengths to ensure they buy well-lit houses and allow enough sunlight inside not to need house lighting until dusk. The best way to get more sunlight is to get multiple large windows installed.

However, such a plan is not always feasible and can create more damage instead. Therefore, try to strategically position lights in places you consider a little dull in the castle.

3.     Family Room

If there’s anything the pandemic made us realize, it is the need for quality space where the family can come together to share their free time. Family rooms have become popular again as of late, with buyers agreeing to pay extra so that they can have an established family room at home.

Living Room Interior Trends

4.     Garage

Garage has always been a multi-purpose space for most houses, serving as both a place for parking your car and storage. If your house already has a garage, get it cleaned up because many potential buyers will pay close attention to how well it is maintained.

5.     Marble Tiles

Marble tiles have always been popular for enhancing the overall look of a specific area, room, or entire house, and their popularity has increased. Buyers are open-minded about how you use the tiles for decoration, but some of the most common methods include using them on the kitchen walls, bathroom flooring, partial wall decoration, etc.

So, you will have plenty of room to play with so long as you ensure you use tiles that match the room’s theme and look at how other people in the neighborhood have decorated theirs.

Marble Tiles Interior Trend

6.     Open Floor Plans

90% of the people approached for a survey stated that they want houses with open floor plans, followed by 77% who preferred two-story houses. Hence, it is easy to conclude that open floor plans are becoming a popular choice.

However, this change will likely require extensive restructuring, so make sure you discuss the plan with your realtor before going ahead with any changes.

7.     Contemporary Styling

Contemporary styling is trending because it is simplistic and chic. It is also a popular choice when potential buyers come to view houses because the styling enhances the appearance without taking attention away from the overall beauty of the house.

Hence, go furniture shopping and redecorate a little to get more and more buyers interested in what you are offering.

Interior Trends

Interior Trends to Avoid

Like there are interior trends buyers like to see at homes they visit, there are trends that turn them away. Following are some of the things you must do away with when opening your house to potential buyers.

1.     Bling

Everyone has their sense of style, so it’s okay if you like to keep things a little bling and golden at home, but the décor is not suitable for house viewing if you want to strike an amazing deal. As mentioned above, people prefer décor that does not take focus away from the house itself; hence, it is best to rely on less flashy interiors.

2.     Wallpapers

While wallpapers are a good touch when decorating the place for yourself, they are not the best choice when you want to sell your house. The reason is that people have personalized tastes in this department, so it is better to paint the walls with a pleasant color.

3.     Converted Rooms

Converted rooms have become relatively common in the past years, but they don’t fare well when you sell your house. Buyers coming to see your place will prefer for the garage to look and feel like a garage and for a bedroom to look like a bedroom.

Converted rooms are mostly a matter of personal preference. Since there is no guarantee your preference will match the buyer’s, it is better to revert the spaces to their original function because that is a safer and more acceptable approach.

Wrapping Up

In short, you will need to consider your interior décor closely before listing your property to ensure it is ready for visitation. If you want to sell your property and need advice about interior trends, please get in touch with the Robert DeFalco Realty team at 718-987-7900.

We will be happy to work with you and guide you on improving your house’s attractiveness.