While summer is a good time to move (school’s out, weather’s generally nice), it’s not necessarily the best time to sell. There are a million summer distractions, from vacations to kids to activities, that can create a challenge for the summer seller.

But with a few simple tips via AngiesList and about.com – and some help from knowledgeable real estate professionals – you can write your summer sale success story!

water everywhere    Water, water everywhere

Keep it lush. Water the lawn and all landscaping. Plant flowers and water those, too. Make your yard an oasis in the summer heat.

Curb Appeal

Spread new mulch. Add more flowers, in pots. Trim the bushes. Just make everything tidy and welcoming. Stand away from your house and walk toward it, and see what catches your eye and what needs improved.

mow the lawnMow the lawn

We know you do already… but do it twice a week. Grass grows faster in the summer, especially if you’re watering it as often as you should be with your house on the market. Alternate the direction you mow each time, to add dimension.

Be flexible

Have more give to your showing schedule this season. People are busy, and days are much longer, so don’t be shocked by requests for evening tours.


Highlight outdoor living

An inviting outdoor space is a big draw for home buyers. Make the most of your yard, pool or patio by making sure everything is sparkling clean and in working order. Decorate, and make it a comfortable extension of the home.

Serve summer snacks

Your potential buyers are getting in and out of their car in the heat, looking at possible homes… take the opportunity to make your outdoor space even more homey by putting a bucket of ice on the table and offering cold drinks and light snacks.

paddle-fan-largeCheck your ceiling fans

If you have ceiling fans, make sure they’re clean and working properly. (Which means not making a lot of noise and rocking on their bases.) Keep them on at all times while showing your home.

And DON’T neglect the AC!!

Make sure the air conditioner is in tip-top condition. It’s a good idea to have it evaluated and repaired by and HVAC professional, because it’s going to be checked during the inspection anyway. While showing your home, always keep the ac set to a cool and comfortable temperature, which will encourage potential buyers to linger. For more expert advice, contact one of our experienced real estate professionals.