We talked a little bit about curb appeal… Now let’s move on to the next step in preparing your home for sale. Whether you call it “staging” or “dressing”, it means the same thing.

The brighter, warmer, cozier and more loving you can make the rooms, the better chances of selling it, and selling it quickly. Your real estate associate can work with you to make suggestions on how to increase the “hominess” of your home and accomplish your goal of “sold”, and we also have some helpful tips from WikiHow.

Vacuum-cleanerClean Your House

This might sound obvious… but we need to say it. Clean everything. You want everything to sparkle, and not a single cobweb to be lurking anywhere. Sweep, dust, mop, wash the windows. Take the vacuum to the basement and make sure there are no webs in the rafters or behind the furnace. It’s the single most important thing you can do to make your house look – and smell – nicer!


The homework papers on your kitchen counter aren’t getting in the way of your day-to-day life, and the kids need to be able to find them. But potential buyers won’t see small items like papers, toys and remote controls as “homey”. It looks like what it is – clutter – and it makes your home seem smaller and more crowded.

Wrap It Up

Finish any and all home improvement projects. Your potential buyers do not want to see a work in progress, and no one wants to step in and finish a project someone else began.

Lighten Up

Open the curtains and let in the sun! Not only will the rooms seem brighter and more open, they’ll instantly feel more cheerful. For smaller rooms like the bathroom, consider lighting a candle. It will make the room feel warmer, while adding a pleasant scent.


Inside or out, very little can freshen an area as quickly as a few coats of paint.

Remove Personal Items

Trophies, pictures, the drawing your children hung on the refrigerator… You don’t want a potential buyer to feel like they’re visiting someone’s home. You want them to look around and imagine their things in their new home.

For more tips on staging (or dressing) your home give us a call today. Our agents will help advise you what changes will make the biggest impression!