We’ve shared tips before on how to sell your home quickly and (mostly) painlessly. And Courant reports that you can improve your odds of success with a very simple formula. How can you implement their ideas?

By focusing on the home seller’s recipe for home selling success, and making your home “snap and pop” in four key areas: clean, green, light, and bright.



This is incredibly important. A buyer’s impression of the cleanliness of your home can make or break the sale. And we’re not talking about tidying up as though you have family stopping by.

A different level of “clean” as compared to your typical weekly housecleaning, you’ll want to be sure to hit all those “nooks and crannies,” including a thorough scrubbing of windows, appliances, cobwebs in corners, and dust on moldings.

Consider decluttering part of the cleaning process. If you clean out the basement, attic, closets and cupboards while you’re making everything presentable, you’re going to make the house look bigger and the amount of storage space look more impressive.


No, we’re not suggesting you retro-fit your home with solar panels. (Though for some that might be an incentive to buy.) We’re talking about the outside spaces and curb appeal.

Focus on the biggest potential wows: a raked/mowed lawn, fresh mulch in the garden beds, a fresh coat of paint on the front door, a power wash of the house, a mailbox in good repair, etc.

First impressions mean a lot, so make sure you’re hitting the right note from the moment your potential buyers pull up and park.


Proper lighting is an immediate improvement to any space.

Upgrade your lightbulbs to the brightest practical wattage… When it’s time for a showing, open the curtains, and turn on all the lights in the house to show off your homes features and space.

Brighter looks bigger – and cleaner – and will influence your buyers even if they don’t realize it.


We’re not back to the lighting. This time we’re talking about the home itself.

A fresh coat of builder-neutral paint will do a world of wonders for the interior of your home, and in the buyer’s mind will be one less thing they have to do once they move in.

The word neutral is key here. You personally may love lime-green bathroom walls. But your potential buyers are already painting over that in their minds.


Instead of allowing yourself to become stressed, keep it simple.

By breaking down the tasks to get your home “show ready” in the home seller’s recipe for selling success of clean, green, light, and bright, you’ll be focusing on the things that make your house “snap and pop.”