Must-Have Home Features When Buying a Staten Island Home

Staten Island is one of New York’s most affordable boroughs and has a booming real estate market. It doesn’t matter which home features you’re looking for. You’re sure to find many houses, condos, townhouses, and co-ops in your price range. While there are approximately 70 smaller neighborhoods within the borough, Staten Island can be divided into five main areas. These are North Shore, South Shore, East Shore, West Shore, and Mid-Island.

You may be after the urban vibe that St. George/Silver Lake has to offer or the relaxed feel of Ft. Wadsworth/Arrochar/Grasmere. Either way, there are plenty of homes to choose from. However, after settling on a neighborhood, the first thing to do is determine which home features are must-haves when choosing your new abode. In this article, the experienced real estate agents at Robert DeFalco Realty have narrowed down some of the best home features to choose from regarding Staten Island homes.

Home Features When Buying a New Home

Buying a home is never a straightforward process. It’s even more challenging if you’re a first-time homebuyer. One of the ways to make the process easier is shortlisting home features that you’re looking for. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 52% of homebuyers hired a real estate agent because they wanted help finding the right home. A realtor is there to help you narrow down homes and find you the perfect house. However, it does help to narrow down home features you want.

Before you start looking for a home, make a list of all the home features you want. Then divide the list into must-have home features and house features that aren’t necessary. This way, your realtor can find you a home that’s sure to meet your needs. The following are some of the most popular home features homebuyers consider during purchasing.

1. Outdoor Spaces like Patios and Front Porches

Since the advent of COVID-19, outdoor spaces within homes have become increasingly important. Thus, it’s not surprising that some of the most desired home features are front porches and patios. 82% of buyers want patio while 81% of homebuyers want front porches. Additionally, outdoor living spaces are a great way to extend the house. They also don’t require extensive renovations.

2. Exterior Lighting

Curb appeal has always been important. However, it’s now more important than ever. One major home feature that many homebuyers are seeking is the presence of exterior lighting. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), exterior lighting is desired by 87% of homebuyers. Thus, it’s the most-wanted home feature. It’s also the most-wanted outdoor feature.

Therefore, whether it’s pendant lights, spotlights, or walkway lights, exterior lighting is one of the must-have house features. Solar-powered exterior lights and motion-sensor lights are also popular choice. They’re both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Laundry Room

Many homeowners put their washer and dryer in the basement. However, an increasing number of homebuyers are prioritizing dedicated laundry rooms. According to the NAHB, 63% of homebuyers say that their washer and dryer belong on the first floor. A dedicated laundry room was one of the most desirable home features. An astounding 87% of homebuyers considered a laundry room essential or desirable. This tied for first place with exterior lighting.   

4. Open Layout

Open layouts have always been highly desirable. Recent surveys show that this trend isn’t changing anytime soon. The majority of homebuyers prefer open layouts. An overwhelming 85% of homebuyers prefer an open layout between the kitchen and dining room, while 79% desire an open layout between the kitchen and family room. Additionally, 70% prefer an open layout between the family and dining rooms. Open-concept kitchens are popular because they allow for better conversational flow and more fluidity.

5. Hardwood Floors

81% of buyers want hardwood floors, especially in the main living area. These offer a sleek, natural look and are durable and easy to maintain. That said, hardwood floors are expensive. As an alternative, homebuyers can also opt for engineered wood flooring. This is great if they’re on a budget or are prioritizing other house features.

6. Garage Storage

Storage space is one of the essential home features for many homebuyers. This is especially true for growing families that need to deal with clutter and storing seasonal items. One of the reasons many people opt to purchase homes is because they require a more spacious home. With adequate garage storage, homeowners don’t have to worry about storing excess items in their attics or living rooms.

7. Energy-Efficient Windows and Lighting

Yet more house features buyers consider must-haves are related to energy efficiency. These include energy-efficient appliances, windows, and lighting. 83% of homebuyers desire ENERGY STAR-rated windows, while 81% desire ENERGY STAR-rated appliances. Furthermore, 80% prefer energy-efficient lighting. Whether it’s an energy-efficient ceiling fan or multi-pane windows, these can save you a lot of money in the long run. They optimize heat gain and loss within the home. Thus, they’re considered essential money-saving home features.

8. Home Office

When it comes to specialty rooms, a must-have home feature in today’s day and age is a home office. Work models have changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. An increasing number of offices are opting for a hybrid model. Also, many individuals continue to work from home despite having the choice to work in an office. This makes home offices highly desirable. According to the NAHB survey, a home office was deemed essential by 23% of homebuyers and highly desirable by another 40%. This resulted in 63% of all homebuyers preferring home offices.

Robert DeFalco Realty Can Help You Find Your Dream Staten Island Home

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