How Robert DeFalco Realty Maintains Its No. 1 Position in Real Estate

A real estate agent works for individuals or companies by representing them and their interests. Whether buying, selling, renting homes or other types of real estate, a realtor is meant to meet their clients’ needs. However, not all realtors are created equal which has caused a distrust of agents.

Over the years, laws have been passed to overcome this challenge and ensure that agents understand their roles as fiduciaries to their clients. At Robert DeFalco Realty, our motto has always been to treat people well and we take our jobs seriously. We maintain our #1 position in real estate because our clients are the center of everything we do. If you’re wondering about how we can serve you, keep on reading this article.

How Robert DeFalco Realty Maintains Its Position

The following reasons explain why so many people have trusted us in the biggest transactions of their lives.

We Respect Your Time

At Robert DeFalco Realty, we pride ourselves on respecting timeliness. If you reach out to us, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If one of our realtors must meet you for an appointment, you can expect them on time. We value and respect your time and your needs.

Additionally, by respecting time management, we ensure our clients achieve their goals by staying in touch throughout the transaction. Our agents are knowledgeable about the expected timelines from the time an offer is accepted to the time it is closed and work with other vendors to ensure it happens promptly.

We Have High Referral Rates

One of the ways you know you’re trusting a reliable real estate agency is to check their referral rates. At Robert DeFalco Realty, we ensure all our clients are fully satisfied with our services which results in many of our clients returning or referring their friends and family to our company. They know that we go above and beyond and that their friends and family will be treated well. That’s why we have one of the highest referral and satisfaction rates.

Robert DeFalco Realty Offers Value-Added Services

There are so many details involved in the sale of property which can leave people overwhelmed. Our experienced realtors help to guide their clients in making informed decisions. At Robert DeFalco Realty, our value-added services ensure all fronts are covered. We get you in touch with stagers and photographers and even offer advice and recommendations for financing your home and getting real estate lawyers. Our clients value our expertise and consider us the top real estate firm in the New York and New Jersey areas.

We Value Communication

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or home seller or you’ve been through the process before, it’s always a stressful situation. Dealing with everything and keeping considerations in mind can get overwhelming. If you rely on our real estate agents, they will keep you updated on progress and will answer all your questions.

We completely understand the stress that comes with buying or selling real estate. That’s why our realtors keep in touch with you and prioritize communication. Additionally, we communicate with you through your preferred method. For example, if you prefer texting over calling, we keep this in mind when reaching you.

We Stay Up to Date with Market Trends

When you’re a real estate agent, it’s essential to know the ins and outs of your locality. All our realtors know their localities thoroughly, are aware of current market trends, developments, and more. Additionally, since they’re highly familiar with the neighborhoods they represent, they can better negotiate deals and guide you through the home buying and selling process.

We Aid in the Home Search Process

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), only 19% of homebuyers contact an agent as a first step. 41% begin looking for properties online before getting in touch with realtors. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t eventually use realtors. 87% of homebuyers use realtors instead of going the distance alone. This is because realtors can aid in the home search process while keeping all your requirements in mind.

At Robert DeFalco Realty, we do just that. We consult with you to understand your needs and requirements. Then, we finalize the home features you want to prioritize and establish a budget. This way, we don’t waste your time presenting homes you’re not interested in or don’t fit your budget. Our realtors find you the right home at the right price.

Our Seller’s Agents Get You the Best Price Possible

We’re not just experts when it comes to buying homes. We have extensive experience in selling homes as well. 90% of home sellers use realtors to sell their properties. This is for a good reason. FSBO (For Sale by Owner) sellers only consist of 7% of home sales. In fact, these often don’t sell for as good a price. According to the NAR, FSBO homes sell for significantly less than homes sold by realtors. While FSBO homes sold for a median of $260,000, realtor-sold homes sold for a median of $318,000.

The real estate agents at Robert DeFalco Realty have excellent negotiation skills and know how to attract the best offers. Thus, they can get you the best possible price when selling your property.

We Invest in Our Realtors’ Skills

While all our realtors are highly qualified, we ensure they stay on top of their game by providing regular training. Because of their polished skills, they can serve all your real estate needs. We ensure we’re investing in our clients by investing in our realtors. It doesn’t matter if it’s presentation skills, how they carry themselves, or their negotiation skills. Our realtors are sure to impress and exceed your expectations.

We Embrace Technology

We don’t shy away from technology. A good realtor knows the value of technology and integrates search tools and databases into their approach. For home buyers, this means finding the best properties and knowing neighborhoods inside out. For sellers, it means optimizing their ads, ensuring marketing and coverage, and offering video tours and high-quality images.

Get in Touch with the Experienced Realtors at Robert DeFalco Realty

There’s no better real estate agency to turn to than Robert DeFalco Realty if you’re interested in experienced buyer’s agents and seller’s agents. We’re known all over New York and New Jersey for our satisfaction rate, results, professionalism, and negotiation skills. Additionally, since we’re well-versed in residential and commercial real estate, we can help you with all your real estate needs.

Simply visit one of our offices, call us at 718-987-9700, or reach out to us here. We will get back to you as soon as possible and help you along your buying or selling journey!