Hacking…or Lacking – your home decor

Nowadays, it seems like the internet is overflowing with GENIUS HACKS!!! Hacks for parenting, hacks for work, hacks for makeup and hair, hacks for school, and let’s not forget all the DON’T MISS HOME HACKS!!!

Yes, we’re coming across as slightly hysterical. But if you do a search for any kind of hack, you’ll get lots of screaming headlines for hacks you JUST CAN’T SURVIVE ANOTHER SECOND WITHOUT!!! (We’re not sure how we made it this long.)

Ok, we’re done being silly about it. We promise.

A “hack” is defined as “a tip, trick, or efficient method for doing or managing something”. We’ve gathered some home decor hacks we found surfing around the web. And we leave it to you to decide whether they’re actually hacking… or just lacking.

Pops of Color

There are lots of tips for adding a little color to your world.


Paint samples (or chips) as wall art is trending right now. Whether you love this look or hate it may come down to execution…


However you feel about it, with paint chips being free this is certainly less expensive than doing the entire wall or room.

Or try throwing color somewhere besides the walls.


A little splash on the sides of drawers, or the edge of a door, can add visual interest in small doses. (Or make people wonder whether you ran out of paint.)

Maybe you’d prefer to do the entire wall or room? There are hacks for that.


You can use the bottom of a clothes basket, if you’re partial to polka dots.


Or decorate with tape. Yes, tape. On the plus side, electrical tape is extremely easy to remove, should you want to change your decor.

Lighten Up

Lighting is another way to make dramatic visual changes in your home. And there are a lot of hacks out there.


How about a glitter light? Simply coat the inside of your shade with glue, sprinkle in the glitter, and relive those glorious seventies. No?


You could try lighted bed curtains. (This might look lovely on an old-fashioned canopy bed.)

And here’s a look we actually love. Candles in an unused fireplace.


We’ll share more home hacks with you as we find them, both the wonderful… and those that leave us wondering.

So, what do you think? Hacking or lacking? Let us know in the comments! And share any of your favorite hacks with us!

Just please… we beg you… don’t list them as DON’T MISS HACKS YOU JUST CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT!!! We’re not sure we can handle the excitement.