Fall Décor Ideas to Add Warmth to Your Home

Decorating home by season works on multiple levels. Your home carries the practical décor items for the season and creates a warmer or cooler ambiance too. Moreover, it doesn’t take long! You can switch your home’s look from spring to fall décor in a span of only a few hours at most.

So without further ado, let’s see how you can make your home look cozier and warmer this fall:

Fall Fabrics and Cozy Décor in Different Textures

Fall décor instantly makes one think of cozy textures and cozy fabrics such as suede, velvet, wool, Sherpa, and knits can bring instant coziness to your home. The best part? You can mix and match them as per your preference. You can go with plain solids or add fall patterns or prints such as checks or natural textures.

Moreover, many nooks and crannies around the house can be dressed up with cozy décor. For example, you can switch lacey curtains from summer to thick velvet ones, add a rug under the dining table, or add cushions and throws on couches and dining room chairs to bring extra warmth.

If you don’t want too much fall décor around the house, you can add throw baskets or create one cozy corner where you spend most of your time. Simply add a throw and a matching cushion to your favorite nook to make it warm.

Adding a throw basket is equally simple too. Just take a pretty basket that matches your home’s décor and is big enough to carry a couple of light throws and a large cushion. Place this basket by your couch, dining table, or entrance bench and let people get cozy according to their needs. The blankets and cushion go back in the basket when not used, and your space stays organized.

Vintage Décor Pieces

Vintage décor has been trending throughout 2021, and their popularity is increasing further as the colder months roll around. Even vintage looking homes have become popular real estate investments too. The bronze, copper, and gold colors that most vintage décor carries bring a lot of warmth to any place. They also go unbelievably well with other décor themes and elevate any style of décor by adding a touch of finesse.

Since vintage décor has been trending for the past year, you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. You can get new but vintage-looking sculptures for only a fraction of the price, and you can also paint bronze or copper paint to any existing décor items to make them look vintage.

It is also best to incorporate subtly to let it play as cozy décor for your home. We suggest adding no more than two vintage pieces in a space. One of these pieces could be large and act as a focal point for the space, while the other could be small and add a subtle touch of coziness. However, if your home’s décor style is eclectic, you can add as many vintage décor pieces as you like!

Dinner table fall décor
Fall Décor

Warm Furnishings as Fall Décor  

Nothing screams fall décor or adds warmth to a space as warm colors. If you’re looking to change any furnishings around the house, pick dark or neutral furnishings to bring some warmth along with the new furniture. You can also upgrade old furniture to make it a part of cozy décor at home. Simply change its upholstery with a warm fabric such as suede or velvet to make it look fall-ready!

If you don’t want to get new furniture or reupholster old furniture, you can also stain or paint old furniture. If you have any wooden furnishings, simply stain the wood with a dark wood stain to make it fall appropriate. You can also paint metal or plastic furniture with a dark wood color to make it appear wooden. A mix of different wooden textures also brings a lot of warmth to any space.

Moreover, you can also add wooden décor to your space if there’s little to no wooden furniture in your home. Add some large wooden platters to side tables and coffee tables and place smaller décor items over these platters. You can also place wooden coasters in your cozy reading nook for practical yet cozy décor.

Layers and More Layers

What’s fall décor in a space without cushions and throws? Since the human brain perceives empty places as cold, adding layers is easy to add warmth to any space. You can add these layers in various ways, such as fabrics, practical items, or décor items.

For example, dress up an empty bed or walls by adding cozy blankets or putting up shelves and frames, respectively. Maximalism is also trending, and it is the right time to display all your favorite art and décor pieces. However, you don’t necessarily have to clutter your home if you like that aesthetic.

You can stick to minimalism or a balanced look too. Stick to adding just one to two layers to any surface or bare space in your home for a minimal look.

Cottage Décor

Cottages always bring a warm and cozy feeling, and the credit goes to the dim lights over dark surfaces and spaces. You can recreate a cottage look in your home by adding cozy décor items made of natural materials such as rustic plants, rattan pieces, and unstained wood.

Keep the curtains open to allow as much natural light as your home receives. You can also tune the light fixtures to give dim lights. Add a few vases with preserved flowers and faux plants around the house to bring the whole décor to life.

Leave cutout
Fall Leaves Décor

You can also upgrade your home for fall on a budget by getting budget buys or thrifting for vintage décor items and natural materials furnishings. Various thrift stores have fall décor or other items that you can easily upgrade without spending too much money. If you want to be creative, you can also look for online tutorials on DIY cozy décor items.

For extra coziness, don’t forget to add some fairy lights and light some scented candles to your space. Cozy lighting and fall scented candles don’t cost much and significantly increase your home’s coziness. Put them up anytime to make your home look fall-ready anytime you want!

If you need a fall-time renovation, be sure to call the experts at Robert DeFalco Real Estate Agency. Join our ever-growing list of happy clients and give your home the makeover it deserves!