If you’ve listed your house, you want to sell it. Preferably with the highest return in the shortest time possible. We have tips via HuffingtonPost to keep you from getting in your own way.

Buyers are savvy, patient, and will pay for what they find value in but they won’t plunk down their life savings for just any old thing. Avoid the following mistakes and you’re on the way to the next chapter of your life.

Clean the House

We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. There’s a difference between day-to-day tidying and deep cleaning. We’re talking about ovens, corners, cabinets and closets… everywhere. And if you have carpets, get them scrubbed. You probably can’t smell your kids and your dinners and your dog, but your potential buyers will.

Leave During Showings

Make plans to be somewhere else when your agent shows your home. Plan shopping or other errands for scheduled times, or treat yourself to a personal break.

“Tempting as it is to stay and chat with potential buyers about the many wonderful features of your home, it is not a good idea. Your buyer needs the time and space to fall in love with your home and that won’t happen with you lurking around.”

The Truth, the Whole Truth

Be forthcoming in your disclosures. If you don’t, chances are it will come up in the inspection report or elsewhere.

“You may not want to mention the time the firetrucks showed up or the time you flooded the basement by running the bath while vacuuming, but if you don’t… Mrs. Kravitz will.”

Be Reasonable

There’s a lot of negotiation in a real estate transaction. Be open and calm, and remember that everyone involved wants to fell like they got the best deal.

“The price you ask and the price they offer are not as important as the one we can agree on.”

Be Realistic

All the sentimental value in your home is worth zero on the market, although that’s painful to accept. Consult your real estate professional for a more objective range – and trust what they tell you!

“Pricing a home is more art than science—data driven art. The location, home’s condition, and comparable sold properties determine current market value.”

And finally… Be Active

We’re more connected now than ever before. Utilize your own social media and networking to help broaden your pool of potential buyers. And make sure you’ve chosen a real estate professional who’s doing the same!