Vintage is trendy, and what could be trendier right now than the resurgence of the vinyl record. What makes decorating with vinyl records so fun and easy is that you can find so many old records at second-hand stores for a dirt-cheap price in large quantities and keep creating new vinyl record creations over and over until you get it just right. Here are some suggestions for creative vinyl record home designs to give your home a unique vintage decor:

Vinyl Record Side Table

table-recordsAll you need are one or two vinyl records depending on how thick you want the table to be. Then, find an old plant stand and either paint it, varnish it, or decorate to your liking, but it looks best if it matches the color of the record. Clean the dust off the record (s) and then take a glue gun and affix a stream of glue across the length of the top edge of the plant stand exactly where the record will be placed. Let it dry for an hour or two and use.

Create Vinyl Record Wallpaper

There are endless ways to configure dozens and dozens of full-size vinyl records or 45-size ones on any wall in your home. You might display them in varying sizes altogether in several rows in a hallway. Or you might decide to have them cascade down an angular side wall that you can’t really hang a picture on. Whatever your style or design, records are great to accent almost any wall for a whimsical theme.

Vinyl Record Mobiles

Mobiles are great for bedrooms or to hang from a home dance floor area in a basement for added party décor. You can use approximately 5 to 10 records, depending on how large you want your mobile to be, and some sturdy string that will run through the center holes of each record. Or, you can create small holes on the edge of each record to string them together to hang down in a cascade.

Vinyl Record Usable Shelves

A shelf or several matching shelves made out of records can either be for display or actually usable. To accomplish this, the records, (5 to 6 will do), must be heated up enough to be pliable for shaping into semi-folds to create a space where magazines can be stored. Once the shaping is done, simply connect each record to the next one on an angle from behind and mount the record at the top to the wall. The angled shelf will hold magazines effortlessly and with vintage style. 

record-wine-rackVinyl Record Wine Rack

With 4 or 5 vinyl records to start, you can heat the records up in the same way that was done to create the shelves, but you roll them around a wine bottle instead to form the shape. Let each record cool, then attach each one separately to a piece of small wood that has been mounted on the wall where you would like the wine rack to hang. This is done with epoxy and small clamps for each record. When complete, it gives the appearance of floating in the air with wine bottles inserted in each shaped pocket.

Vinyl Record Coat Hooks

These look best designed in the configuration of various sizes of vinyl records and hung very snugly together so that they are touching on the rim. The hooks themselves can also vary in size and can be glued near or in the hole of the record itself. They can be hung together in a neat row in the foyer of a home, in a mud room in a staggered display, or in a basement bar or man cave space to hang items of your own choosing from as a display. 

Enclosed Glass and Vinyl Record-layered Table 

You will need approximately 15-20 records for this project. Find a glass table that has a more easily removable piece of glass to avoid breaking it when you remove it. If the table does not have any other layer to it but the glass piece, then fashion another layer for the records to be affixed to using a glue gun. You can use some form of durable, thin press board. Cut a template that will fit comfortably under the table. Take the records and glue them onto the board in any design that you choose, being careful to overlap them enough so as not to have any empty spaces that will show through to the floor below. Then, glue the entire piece to the bottom of the table, install the glass on top of it, and you have a vinyl record-layered living room table.

Jessica Kane is a writer for SoundStage Direct, the number one online store for all your vinyl record needs.