Outdoor Décor Changes That Can Boost Your House’s Appearance

First impressions are important, especially when it’s your home that’s involved. You want it to reflect your personal style while welcoming them in. Even small and inexpensive updates to outdoor décor can boost curb appeal.

Many people also wonder, “Does curb appeal increase home value?” The answer is yes. According to a Michigan State University study, curb appeal can increase perceived value by 5-11%. It can also result in a house selling faster.

Whether you want to make your home more attractive to passers-by or you’re looking to sell your home and want better offers, you need to boost curb appeal. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this. In this article, we’ll go over different options, including how to increase curb appeal on a budget.

How to Boost Curb Appeal

We all spend time and money on our home’s interior, but the exterior is often an afterthought. However, the exterior is the first impression you make to passers-by as well as visitors. Additionally, if you’re selling your home, boosting curb appeal will make potential homebuyers want to explore your house. If homebuyers see an unattractive exterior, they may discount your house as a whole.

Fortunately, you don’t always need to spend thousands of dollars to boost curb appeal. While some projects are more costly, there are plenty of ways to increase curb appeal on a budget. The following tips from Robert DeFalco Realty’s top realtors will teach you how to boost curb appeal.

1. Buy New Hardware

There’s no reason to hold on to the house number that was there when you first bought your home. Your front door, porch, and the hardware are all part of your home’s curb appeal. Boost curb appeal by replacing old hardware. In addition to the house number, you can replace the hardware on the front door, the mailbox, and the light fixtures.

Instead of mixing and matching metals, we would suggest a cohesive look with either bronze, chrome, or brushed nickel finishes. These classic finishes are sure to look good.

2. Go Green

If you want to boost curb appeal, there’s nothing better than going green. Planting flowers and greenery add life to architecture. While landscaping and putting in a garden are great options, they can get expensive. You see a great return on investment but may not have enough funds to make the investment in the first place. Fortunately, you can increase curb appeal on a budget by investing in window boxes and planters. Even if you don’t have space for standing planters, you can buy hanging planters.

3. Keep the Front Door Clean and Tidy

You don’t have to replace the front door to boost curb appeal. You can always do so by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Thoroughly clean the front door and use metal polish on hardware to make the metal gleam. Remove clutter and stick to simple and clean décor to increase curb appeal on a budget.

4. Clean Your Gutters

It’s not just the front door that needs cleaning. It’s important to clean the gutters so they look brand new. Putting in a little elbow grease can get rid of eyesores and boost curb appeal.

5. Add a Garden Arbor to Boost Curb Appeal

If you have a garden you’d like to show off, why not boost curb appeal with a garden arbor? This simple structure can highlight your beautiful garden and is an eye-catching outdoor décor piece. Since garden arbors come in a variety of shapes and finishes, you can customize yours to your unique taste. Further enhance it with climbing plants and flowers for a whimsical look.

6. Invest in Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting makes a huge impact on boosting curb appeal. It also increases safety and security at the same time. Whether it’s adding lights to a walking path or investing in string lights to create ambiance, outdoor lighting can make a big difference. Boost curb appeal by adding accent lights or solar light fixtures.

7. Hide/Cover Electrical Fixtures

Electrical fixtures are necessary, but they can be an eyesore. Cover or hide them with paint that matches your home’s exterior. This way, they’re still accessible but are camouflaged and don’t stand out. We would suggest picking the same color as your home’s siding for best results. A quick paint job can boost curb appeal and hide “ugly” electrical fixtures.

8. Invest in Landscaping to Boost Curb Appeal

We know landscaping can be costly, but the return on investment is worth it. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), updating landscape can reap big rewards. 47% of realtors suggest a landscape update before listing a house and 19% claimed the landscape update resulted in them closing a sale. While not always feasible, investing in landscape can enhance curb appeal and increase the home’s value. You can further highlight your landscaping features by adding landscape spotlights.

9. Lay A Path

We’ve mentioned using lights alongside walkways and driveways to highlight them and add to ambiance. However, it’s important to lay a path if you don’t have one. This simple décor can boost curb appeal and make your house look more inviting. Use either stone or brick for best results. You can also highlight an existing concrete pathway with plants.

Robert DeFalco Realty Can Help You Boost Curb Appeal and Sell Your Home

It’s not just the inside of your house that matters. The outside can be equally important, especially when you’re planning to sell your home. If you boost curb appeal, you encourage higher offers and entice potential homebuyers to check out your home. Another important part of the home selling process is getting a real estate agent. Robert DeFalco Realty can help. Our seller’s agents can advise you on changes that enhance curb appeal. They can also guide you through the entire selling process.

Come to our New York offices or contact us here for more information. We can help you with all your real estate needs.