We told you recently that great pictures will help sell your home faster. It’s true, especially in the online age where visual is everything and first impressions are usually all you get before potential buyers click to the next house in the slideshow.

We also told you that while your real estate professional will gladly help you, we are not necessarily skilled photographers, and our cameras or phones are of varied quality. So how about we get some expert advice from photographer Paul Kohlman via Stauffer and Sons!

De-Clutter Your Home!

This is something we keep repeating. It’s as important for the photographs as it is for the showing! Other people really don’t want to see your stuff when they look at their potential home.

Most people think they’ve cleaned up their home enough to sell it, but in reality, they’ve become blind to many things that are a real turn-off to others You need someone with a pair of trained eyes that can walk through your house without bias or emotion and say “that artwork is hideous, take it down,” or “get rid of this old table,” and things like that.

Stage-Your-Home-for-a-SaleSet The Stage!

Stage your home before taking photographs. Change out your towels. Be sure your bed is not just made, but that the linens are crisp and wrinkle-free. Put a bowl of fruit in the kitchen. Put some fresh flowers in the bathroom. Take a peek at some home style magazines if you need a little inspiration!

Get Out!

Take outdoor pictures of your home in bright sunlight. Even better if you have a bright blue sky, or maybe some puffy little clouds. It gives a homey impression. And speaking of feeling at home…

Take an outdoor shot of your house at night, with interior lights and the porch lights glowing warmly. Show potential buyers how inviting the home is at the end of a long, hard day!

Lighten Up! Take interior photos when it’s overcast, or during the early morning or evening light. When it’s brighter out than in, your interiors pictures can look dark and gloomy.

Hunker Down!

Bend your knees when you take pictures inside. (The opposite is true outside. Try taking a picture of the front of your house while standing on your car!

Most people who take pictures of their home stand up straight and hold the camera at eye level, pointing downward at the room they’re shooting. This is a mistake! Pointing the camera down like that makes the vertical lines of the walls, windows and cabinets either converge or diverge (i.e. they look tilted or distorted).

While the effect is mostly subconscious, viewers will register that something about the home is “off”, and will be more drawn to a “straight line home”.

Create A Video! Consider a walk-through video or virtual tour. Keep it short, simple, and positive. And watch it yourself first! If your video is bumpy and shaky and likely to cause motion sickness, do it again.

Get Professional Help!bad-real-estate-listing-photo

Finally, you always have the option to hire a professional photographer. Real estate packages can be surprisingly affordable, and the results are undeniable. For a small investment, you can make a difference in your selling experience. If not, your real estate professional is ready and willing to help. Just remember, we’re real estate experts, not photography experts.