Purchasing a home is perhaps the most important thing you’ll ever do in your entire adult life That can only mean that moving is the second most important thing you’ll ever do. Suddenly your life revolves around boxes and packaging tape, and you might even dream about finding the right box to house your valuables.  But before you find yourself packing every coffee mug and action figure in your home; discover the lost art of breathing and relax.

There are items you’ll want to pack, and then there’s items you will want to keep with you. Here’s 3 things you should NEVER pack:

dont-pack-jewelery    Valuable Papers and Jewelry

For those with jewelry that’s been passed down for generations, it’s probably best not to send that on a journey. Assuming they’re already secured in a safe deposit box in the bank, don’t forget to get a new safe deposit box close to your new home and transfer the items there before your move.



Flammable Items 

This seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people think it’s okay to load up all of their pant cans and cleaning supplies. Chances are you aren’t as emotionally attached to that bottle of Raid as you are your to your family album, so it’s probably best just to properly dispose of it and purchase another one.

perishablesPerishable items             

Again, this sounds like another no brainer. If you’re looking for something positive to do with those perishables, you might consider donating it to your local food bank. Happy safe moving!For any more safe moving tips, or just to chat about Italian Food, give us a ring anytime! 718-987-7900