3 Really Cool Spooky Halloween DIY Designs To Haunt Up Your House!

One of the single greatest things about home ownership–besides not having to share a wall with someone who plays really bad music–is being able to decorate it for the holidays. Halloween just so happens to be on the of those Holidays that bring out the crafty kid in all of us. So we thought it would be a scream to give you a few really spooky halloween DIY designs.

1. Ghostly Figures Made Out Of Chicken Wire

Making your own ghostly body figures with chicken wire requires a little more effort than carving a smiling jack-o-lantern, but it’s completely worth it.  In order to make them, all you need is chicken wire and pliers. Sure, they make look kind of lame up close: however, catching a glimpse of one of these spooky creations from down the street will surely keep trick o treaters from taking more than just one candy. Be sure to wrap them in halloween-y lights to make them more visible at night.

2. Construction Paper Cut-Out Bats

In case you’re looking for something constructive for your kid to do, construction paper cut-out bats is just the thing. They will think they’re Bruce Wayne himself hanging out in the bat cave, but just don’t let them think your car is the batmobile.


3.Glowing Ghost Milk Jugs

Repurposing recycled items into something new and exciting is one of our favorite things. One really fun way to recycle your milk is to transform them into spooky ghosts.  After you cut out their backs, take a marker to draw whatever scray  design you desire on the front, and string them together with mini Christmas lights. And you’ve got yourself a practical and cheap halloween design.

What are you doing to spooky up your home this year?