You Won't Believe How Much Money A One-Bedroom Stucco Hut Is Going For in Venice...

Posted by Robert DeFalco on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 at 12:11pm.

venice stucco The rising cost of living, combined with the increasing gentrification of previously blighted neighborhoods in cities across America, is causing a surge in rents. In Venice, California for example, some of these prices have reached a new level of insanity. The seemingly unstoppable force that is Venice real estate could give anyone with a mild interest in real estate a conniption, when a dilapidated, rundown beach cottage with a rear apartment unit sold for $1.44 million last year. Have the real estate gods lost their minds! But taking that initial sale of that cottage on the crazy train a bit further is a 1,056-square-foot, one-bedroom house, which is asking an insane $2.2 million. For hard working folks in the world of real estate, selling a home takes great pride, commitment, and personal touch. We at DeFalco Realty make sure that we’ve covered all the bases, from ensuring the home is sparkling with cozy richness, to ensuring that we only snap the most professional looking photos. In Venice, however, all a real estate agent has to do is take some really crappy and amateurish photos (that include the person’s finger) of the place. Now, we understand how important one’s environment is and the amenities that it offers. Venice, increasingly turning into a tech hub, surely might compel a millennial to hang their hat in the city. But the seemingly out-of-reach prices for homes the size of a smart car, as well as the sheer sloppiness and amateurishness with which they’re using to sell them, should make anyone stay far away from Venice. In Colts Neck, New Jersey, by comparison, Trulia found that the median listing for a home in 2015 was $760,000. And while  that price increased by 21% since last year, it does not come close to what one would pay in Venice. Moreover, what one gets for what they pay in Colts Neck versus what one gets in Venice. And if it’s beach that people love, the nearest beach is only a half hour or less away from Colts Neck via route 34 or the GSP. Stop the insanity!! Contact us today and let's talk about finding the perfect home for you and your family, in the best place to live in the world.

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