The Hottest Home Trends for 2016...According to Pinterest!

Posted by Robert DeFalco on Monday, December 28th, 2015 at 7:32pm.

Social media gets a lot of things wrong (think Wilmer Flores being "traded" by the Mets or when McDonald's introduced their ill-conceived #McDStories), but, almost, just as often they get it right.

Pinterest has taken the time to curate and analyze pictures posted, shared & liked by their 100,000,000+ fans to determine what they see as the hottest crowdsourced home trends for 2016. Will they be right? Only time will tell, but we like a lot of them so we're bringing them here to you. Let us know what you think!

Geometric Tiles:

Think outside the box with geometric patterned tiles for the floor, backsplash or a countertop.

Scandinavian-Inspired Design:


Why Scandinavia? Why not!

Hidden Wires:


This could've been the hottest trend for 2012, but better late than never!

Shades of Gray:

"It's all about gray. Gunmetal is the new copper and shades of gray will take over. Nothing is chic'er then a gray room with some accent colors. Looks calm and collected," said Pinner Paul Lowe. (

Graphic Throw Pillows:


Not pictured here but inevitable nonetheless, Star Wars Throw Pillows! The polyurethane foam filling is strong with these ones...

Black, White, and Organic Shades:


We could argue that this one and "shades of grey" are more or less the same thing because, ta da!, black and white make grey...but it's more fun not to. PLUS, check out that "just another thing hanging over your head" wall art, that could be a trend of its own!

Black and white interiors with organic elements. "Question: What's primarily Black and White, with a touch of geometric patterning, a thoughtful hint of color, and a bit of organic elements? Answer: Home Decor trends for 2016!" said Pinner Tyler Wisler (

Woven Wall Decor:


Best part about this trend is it leaves all kinds of room for your own imagination and offers a way to recycle beat-up fabrics from all around your house! Get a paint set, dig out those old pillow cases and t-shirts, rip 'em up and start creating!

"A major trend in both DIY and Home Decor is woven wall hangings. They add a unique mix of color and pattern to a room without being overwhelming. Since they are handmade, they make great gifts as well!" said Pinner Marjorie (
We'll wrap it up there but PopSugar does a nice job of rounding up the Pinterest 100 so click over and check out the rest! What are you doing differently in your home in 2016?


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