Spring Selling in 2017 - What You Need to Know!

Posted by Robert DeFalco on Friday, March 31st, 2017 at 3:26pm.

Yes, spring has only begun. In fact it does really look much like spring in most places yet. But that’s no reason not to get the ball rolling. If you’re hoping to get your house on the market (or sold!) this season, it’s time to get moving!

We’ve got some expert tips, via CBS News, to jump start your efforts!

This is a seller’s market!

Experts predict that more buyers with fewer sellers will increase competition for homes.

This high-demand, low-supply environment means sellers will see a lot of foot traffic from eager buyers and, if the home is priced correctly for the local market, they could get multiple offers.

Demand for starter homes is high

More expensive homes are in slightly lower demand, while starters and smaller, less expensive homes are popular.

One reason for the increased housing demand this year is that millennials -- many of whom have been reluctant to dip their toes in the real estate water due to fears about their job security, high levels of debt and other factors -- are now ready to become homeowners, said Svenja Gudell, chief economist for Zillow.

Buyers aren’t settling

The millennials may want starter homes, but they don’t want a project.

"They're unwilling to buy anything that needs too much work, so you have to put out a good product" when marketing your house, Dykstra said. This means making small improvements to help your house stand out to potential buyers.

Get painting

Along with being a cheap (and fast!) way to update your home for market, paint can also affect the sale price.

Zillowfound last year that certain paint colors can have a big impact on how much you get for your home. For example, the study found that homes with yellow kitchens sold for about $1,400 more than homes with white kitchens.

Clean it up

Inside and out, keep the house presentable and tidy for potential buyers. And now that Mother Nature is awake and ready to show her stuff, take time to work on the landscaping!

Follow these tips, and you can take advantage of this season and the seller’s market it’s bringing!

Robert DeFalco

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