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Posted by Robert DeFalco on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 at 1:08pm.

Successful selling can be influenced by being smart!

It's not your own intelligence we're talking about. It's your home! WTOP reports that smart technology can help you sell your home faster... and for more money!

Because smart technology provides increased home security, better entertainment and a reduction in home-energy costs, these devices are becoming more desirable than ever. According to one study, the number of people who own a smart home device increased 259 percent in 2016 alone.

So what are some smart places to spend for a smarter home?


Start with technology that will save you (and your buyer) money.

Some of the most popular smart systems added to homes in recent years help reduce energy consumption, including thermostats, lighting and shading. One of the driving factors that makes homeowners love these devices is how much they reduce utility bills.

With half of your utility bills coming from your heating and cooling system, and a great deal more coming from light requirements, you can make a big dent in the bills with a relatively small up-front investment.


Our phones are connected to everything, and most of us couldn't live without them. Now we can use them to monitor our homes!

Other popular systems include integrated security systems that patch live feed from security cameras directly to your smartphone, or that alert your phone when motion sensors around your home are set off. If you have children or travel frequently, having a connected security system that you can check on day or night can improve your peace of mind and your home’s long-term price tag.

Even smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors can be connected directly to your phone, to keep your property safe.


But don't fall into the gadget trap. Not every piece of trendy tech is worth your time.

Devices that are gimmicky or going to be quickly replaced with better technology aren’t the best investments, but we consistently see smart devices like automated shades and combined thermostats/CO detectors increasing home desirability. You just need some good advice to navigate your options...

That good advice isn't necessarily going to come from a gadget salesperson. Talk to your real estate professional, check reputable online sources, and ask your friends and family which purchases they feel smartest for having made. The reward could be a faster sale at a better price for you!

Now that's smart!

Robert DeFalco

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