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Freehold Colonial DeFalco Realty

This Colonial showstopper is situated on a private cul-de-sac with a ton of amenities and charm! The Freehold NJ house for sale is a stylish and sophisticated 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath Inverness Model Colonial that cannot be missed! It is certainly an entertainer's dream! Close to Philly, NYC, SI, and NJ Shore.

Freehold is a fantastic place to put down roots - good schools, wide open spaces, great shopping (the Freehold Raceway Mall is the second largest in the state!), and so much beautiful natural space for sports and recreation, including Turkey Swamp Park and Monmouth Battlefield State Park. Freehold is also the home of the oldest half-mile harness racing track in the country, Freehold Raceway. 

Freehold Colonial DeFalco Realty

This grand home for sale offers the perfect

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Staten Island Two Family DeFalco Realty

Spacious Two Family All-Brick home in the New Dorp neighborhood of Staten Island for sale; income-generating two bedroom apartment is an added bonus to this beautiful home. A great quiet neighborhood, convenient to everything. Attached garage, full basement, and an in-ground pool round out this 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom Staten Island home for sale.  

Staten Island two family DeFalco Realty      Staten Island two family DeFalco Realty

EIK with wood cabinet and stainless steel appliances, this friendly kitchen is a warm space for families to spend time! The gorgeous formal dining room in this New Dorp home for sale is spacious and bright, perfect for entertaining and holidays!

 Staten Island Two Family DeFalco Realty

Formal living room with fabulous stone fireplace and huge family room; hardwood floors throughout, huge windows that let in tons of light and so

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The responsibilities of a construction project manager or CPM are far-reaching. They have the task of planning and implementing all of the long and short-term goals of a construction job. This means following each and every function done individual laborers from beginning to end to ultimately satisfy the needs of the customer. In order to be successful, the CPM must adhere to several mandatory components of the job they have to perform.

First, questions that directly pertain to the budget need to be asked. They are:
• Will the customer’s intended purpose for the construction serve them short-term or long-term?
• Is the customer on board with the changes fully and does the community support it?
• Is the scope of the job feasible from a financial

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The tedious, vexing process that is getting into a home is an achievement that once done, it well worth it. Many of us know people that have gone through the hoop jumping and now find themselves in their very own place. It's exciting. It's new. It's a wonderful step to take in life and now you may find yourself in a position to get whoever that person may be a housewarming gift. You'll want to get them something that lets them know how excited you are for them. To help streamline this process, I've comprised a list of ten unique housewarming gifts that are sure to convey your joy for your friend or family members' new home.

Quality Cocktail Items

These can range from etched glass decanters to personalized shot glasses to movable side boards.

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Even though hardwood is one of the most attractive and most popular types of flooring, most people don’t know what they ought to be looking for in hardwood floors, or what makes one species different, better, or more sought-after than the other. Here’s a detailed look at the top five residential hardwood flooring options.

Brazilian Tigerwood
Same as its feline counterpart, Brazilian Tigerwood not only lives up to its name but is also one of the finest hardwoods available. Its unique light golden-brown to reddish-brown color combined with the exotic black and brown streaks featured give this wood a striking and impressive appearance.






• Tigerwood is remarkably resilient and less susceptible to the scratches and

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A scaffold is a temporary structure that is assembled to help in construction and painting of buildings. They are preferred to ladders because they allow you to work comfortably and reduce the risks that you are exposed to while working. You are also able to work efficiently because you do not need to adjust the scaffold when you want to paint a region that is out of reach. The working area of a scaffold is wider and more stable than that of a ladder.

Scaffolds are easy to move than ladders. The ones that have wheels are the best. You only need to fit additional sections to the frame and then climb to that level when you want to move up to an elevated height. Scaffold towers are the best option when you need to paint a two-story house because of

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Vintage is trendy, and what could be trendier right now than the resurgence of the vinyl record. What makes decorating with vinyl records so fun and easy is that you can find so many old records at second-hand stores for a dirt-cheap price in large quantities and keep creating new vinyl record creations over and over until you get it just right. Here are some suggestions for creative vinyl record home designs to give your home a unique vintage decor: 

Vinyl Record Side Table

All you need are one or two vinyl records depending on how thick you want the table to be. Then, find an old plant stand and either paint it, varnish it, or decorate to your liking, but it looks best if it matches the color of the record. Clean the dust off the record (s) and

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Successful selling can be influenced by being smart!

It's not your own intelligence we're talking about. It's your home! WTOP reports that smart technology can help you sell your home faster... and for more money!

Because smart technology provides increased home security, better entertainment and a reduction in home-energy costs, these devices are becoming more desirable than ever. According to one study, the number of people who own a smart home device increased 259 percent in 2016 alone.

So what are some smart places to spend for a smarter home?


Start with technology that will save you (and your buyer) money.

Some of the most popular smart systems added to homes in recent years help reduce energy consumption, including

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We've shared tips before on how to sell your home quickly and (mostly) painlessly. And Courant reports that you can improve your odds of success with a very simple formula. How can you implement their ideas?

By focusing on the home seller's recipe for home selling success, and making your home "snap and pop" in four key areas: clean, green, light, and bright.


This is incredibly important. A buyer's impression of the cleanliness of your home can make or break the sale. And we're not talking about tidying up as though you have family stopping by.

A different level of "clean" as compared to your typical weekly housecleaning, you'll want to be sure to hit all those "nooks and crannies," including a thorough scrubbing of windows,

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