4 Homes That Took Christmas To A Whole New Level

Posted by Robert DeFalco on Thursday, December 24th, 2015 at 10:50am.

Christmas is here and holiday decorations popping up left and right – some in good taste and some that are so tacky they make you ponder the existence of life. We love this holiday as much as the next person and decorating your home is one one of the many benefits of homeownership, but some of these homes look like they got their decorating tips from a flea market. Picture1

Is is this a yard, or a final  resting place for all the inflatable Christmas decorations that are no longer with us? Picture2

You don’t need to adjust your computer screen, that really is a giant inflatable turkey. It appears amid a sea of every  inflatable decoration ever sold at Home Depot.


You have to ask yourself just one question when looking at this house: Is it radioactive? And you thought your neighbor's overgrown hedges were a problem.


One look at this picture and you know that some homeowner’s kid really got the better of them. While it’s adorable and appropriate to find a teddy bear display in a shopping mall, it’s not the best thing to have in your living room. Well, unless you plan on having over inflatable squirrels for the holidays.

Robert DeFalco

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