July 2017

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A scaffold is a temporary structure that is assembled to help in construction and painting of buildings. They are preferred to ladders because they allow you to work comfortably and reduce the risks that you are exposed to while working. You are also able to work efficiently because you do not need to adjust the scaffold when you want to paint a region that is out of reach. The working area of a scaffold is wider and more stable than that of a ladder.

Scaffolds are easy to move than ladders. The ones that have wheels are the best. You only need to fit additional sections to the frame and then climb to that level when you want to move up to an elevated height. Scaffold towers are the best option when you need to paint a two-story house because of

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Vintage is trendy, and what could be trendier right now than the resurgence of the vinyl record. What makes decorating with vinyl records so fun and easy is that you can find so many old records at second-hand stores for a dirt-cheap price in large quantities and keep creating new vinyl record creations over and over until you get it just right. Here are some suggestions for creative vinyl record home designs to give your home a unique vintage decor: 

Vinyl Record Side Table

All you need are one or two vinyl records depending on how thick you want the table to be. Then, find an old plant stand and either paint it, varnish it, or decorate to your liking, but it looks best if it matches the color of the record. Clean the dust off the record (s) and

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