May 2017

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Successful selling can be influenced by being smart!

It's not your own intelligence we're talking about. It's your home! WTOP reports that smart technology can help you sell your home faster... and for more money!

Because smart technology provides increased home security, better entertainment and a reduction in home-energy costs, these devices are becoming more desirable than ever. According to one study, the number of people who own a smart home device increased 259 percent in 2016 alone.

So what are some smart places to spend for a smarter home?


Start with technology that will save you (and your buyer) money.

Some of the most popular smart systems added to homes in recent years help reduce energy consumption, including

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As China's foreign exchange reserve rises, Mainland Chinese speculators have been replaced by Canadians in top US markets. The Real Deal reports that a new study from the National Association of Realtors refutes media messages to the contrary.

NAR March 2017 data from show Chinese buyers were absent from the list of top countries. Another country did top the list for almost every city though, Canada.

It's all because the Chinese government has tightened controls on exchange of their currency, the yuan. Beginning in 2017, real estate is no longer an approved purchase. Better Dwelling also carries the details.

Markets that Mainland Chinese buyers flooded over the past couple of years, are noticing substantial

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We've shared tips before on how to sell your home quickly and (mostly) painlessly. And Courant reports that you can improve your odds of success with a very simple formula. How can you implement their ideas?

By focusing on the home seller's recipe for home selling success, and making your home "snap and pop" in four key areas: clean, green, light, and bright.


This is incredibly important. A buyer's impression of the cleanliness of your home can make or break the sale. And we're not talking about tidying up as though you have family stopping by.

A different level of "clean" as compared to your typical weekly housecleaning, you'll want to be sure to hit all those "nooks and crannies," including a thorough scrubbing of windows,

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