December 2016

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Is one of your 2017 resolutions to buy a home?

Even if you’re months away from hiring an agent and touring homes, there are things you need to do now to make that dream happen. After all, this is a huge purchase and it requires some preparation. Getting the building blocks in place will ensure a seamless transition from renting to buying, both financially and mentally.

What habits do you need to think about this far in advance? Quite a few, actually. We recently shared some bad habits you should break, and now we'll share some GOOD habits (via that you should pick up as soon as possible!

Set Your Savings to AutoPilot

The recommended amount for a down payment is 20 percent of the purchase price. That can be a lot of money to come

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Everybody is working on their resolutions...

If you're hoping or planning to buy a house in 2017, you'd better make some now, and work harder at keeping them than you did last year's gym resolution! (We're not picking on you. We broke ours, too.)

Usually we decide to stop our bad habits when the day of reckoning arrives. We stop speeding after we get a ticket, jettison our midnight ice cream binges when the jeans don’t zip, ditch our crippling mime obsession when family members threaten to walk out the door. And yeah, the same impulses hold true for home buying as well.

The problem is, buying a home is not only not an instant process... and lenders go backward into your life, credit, and personal history. So even if you don't plan

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We love our pets, don't we? For many people, pets are a part of the family. They share our homes, our yards, and sometimes our beds. We love them while we can, and mourn them when they pass.

But that's our pets.

Rarely do we feel the same warmth and affection for someone else's pets. And there are actually folks out there who (gasp!) dislike all pets... or at least the kind of pets that live inside.

So what do you do as a homeowner - and potential home seller - if you want to sell your (and your pet's) home to someone who won't love them, and may not even like them? We've got some tips, via AOL Finance! (All images courtesy of Pinterest.)

Undo Their Hard Work

"Preventing your pets from damaging your property can be difficult. A dog

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Why should I buy a two-family home if I only have one family?

It's a reasonable question. With a reasonable answer. A two-family home, or duplex, can be a good choice for first-time homeowners. Although they're among the least popular (less than 2% of sales to first-time buyers this year), they can be financially beneficial. As Marketwatch puts it, "You may have to live with a stranger, but that stranger will pay your mortgage".

"Purchasing a home with multiple units, where you live in one and others live next door, upstairs or downstairs, has its perks: mainly, their rent is contributing to your mortgage, you don’t get to share a bathroom and kitchen with your tenant and you’re close by if anything goes wrong."

It does require a different

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