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If you're single and looking in 2016, might we gently suggest that you consider "real estate agent" a significant plus in your decision-making process of who to date. Not much to add to this list of why you should date or marry a real estate agent, courtesy of the Lighter Side of Real Estate, except we can tell you that if you do decide a real estate agent companion is a fine idea, Robert DeFalco Realty agentsare the best of the best!


  1. You can ditch your shrink and save the money. There’s no better therapist than a real estate agent.
  2. Tax deductible dinners. No need to feel guilty about ordering that bottle (or 3) of Screaming Eagle Cab. Write-offs are an agent’s best friend.
  3. Real estate agents are tough. They don’t give up easily. When the
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Social media gets a lot of things wrong (think Wilmer Flores being "traded" by the Mets or when McDonald's introduced their ill-conceived #McDStories), but, almost, just as often they get it right.

Pinterest has taken the time to curate and analyze pictures posted, shared & liked by their 100,000,000+ fans to determine what they see as the hottest crowdsourced home trends for 2016. Will they be right? Only time will tell, but we like a lot of them so we're bringing them here to you. Let us know what you think!

Geometric Tiles:

c505055662535fe4e8cea035b7765859 Think outside the box with geometric patterned tiles for the floor, backsplash or a countertop.

Scandinavian-Inspired Design:


Why Scandinavia? Why not!

Hidden Wires:


This could've been the hottest

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interest rate hike mortgages 2016

In the wake of an improving economy, the Federal Reserve announced it would be raising interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point, up from close to zero.  There are some who point to the Fed’s continuous interest rate hikes as a root cause of the financial crisis of 2008, so anytime the Fed touches interest rates is going to be a overly scrutinized. The last interest rate hike came in mid-2006. The Fed’s decision to lower rates and keep them close to zero for so long was unprecedented. But it made sense. Since 2007, when the country entered a financial crisis, the Fed kept moving rates lower in the hopes of boosting economic activity. The idea was the low rates would allow consumers and businesses to borrow and spend more.

So what does this

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Christmas is here and holiday decorations popping up left and right – some in good taste and some that are so tacky they make you ponder the existence of life. We love this holiday as much as the next person and decorating your home is one one of the many benefits of homeownership, but some of these homes look like they got their decorating tips from a flea market. Picture1

Is is this a yard, or a final  resting place for all the inflatable Christmas decorations that are no longer with us? Picture2

You don’t need to adjust your computer screen, that really is a giant inflatable turkey. It appears amid a sea of every  inflatable decoration ever sold at Home Depot.


You have to ask yourself just one question when looking at this house: Is it radioactive? And you

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Navesink is a quiet and bucolic community within Middletown Township, in Monmouth County, New Jersey along the Atlantic shore. The district is small, encompassing less than one square mile – with swatches of undeveloped land. 

Navesink NJ DeFalco Realty

Navesink is a rural community, with sprawling plots of lands and a variety of homes for sale, both new construction and excellently maintained older homes.  It can be accessed via a combination of the North Jersey Coast Line commuter rail and local buses. However, it is only a short, one hour drive from midtown Manhattan.

Navesink is home to the Navesink Country Club, a four season, family-oriented private golf course and country club. Located along the banks of the Navesink River, the club offers a scenic course, as well as

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West Long Branch, NJ  is a borough within Monmouth CountyNew Jersey.  West Long Branch borders other Monmouth County municipalities, including Eatontown, Long Branch, Ocean Township, and Oceanport. Originally call Mechanicsville throughout the 18th and much of the 19th centuries, the name West Long Branch seems to have been secured by 1889. The name derives from the “long branch” or south branch of the Shrewsbury River.

West Long Branch Real Estate DeFalco Realty

This small, central Jersey town is close to the beach, while also featuring many scenic trails and parks. Residents of West Long Branch have easy access to the beach, numerous outdoor attractions, shopping, and highly rated schools. Plus, a lot of the real estate in the area tends to be homesteads with land surrounding them, giving

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Eatontown DeFalco Real EstateEatontown is a borough in Monmouth CountyNew Jersey. It borders on the Monmouth County municipalities of Shrewsbury, Oceanport, West Long Branch, and Ocean Township. Eatontown was named for Thomas Eaton, an early settler who built a mill there in 1670.

From 1917 until 2011, The United States Army operated Eatonton’s Fort Monmouth. It was also home to the United States Military Academy Preparatory School, which trains 250 students per year to enter as freshmen into the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Eatontown is a diverse community, with a balance of residential neighborhoods and hubs of commerce and industry. In the center of Eatontown is the Monmouth Mall, which features numerous stores and restaurants, along with a 15-screen

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240 Arbutus 1S.E. Annadale is situated on the South Shore of Staten Island. S.E. Annadale is duly noted for The Blue Heron Park; Nearly 2 acres of meadows, ponds, freshwater streams, marshes and woodlands. S.E. Annadale is situated right on Staten Island’s “Blue Belt” making this area prestigious and tranquil. If you're shopping for a home that features privacy and luxury, 240 Arbutus Avenue offers you this! One family detached center hall colonial with well-appointed amenities & quality craftsmanship. With over 4,896 square feet of living space this home has it all! 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, formal living room, formal dining room, family room with fireplace perfect for entertaining during the holidays. Custom eat-in kitchen with granite island and pantry. 240 ArbutusPorch…
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When it comes to the excessive and tacky commercialism of Christmas, there’s no greater philosopher than Charlie Brown. A Charlie Brown Christmas just celebrated its 50th anniversary, and, with consumerism infiltrating our tv's and smartphone screens earlier than ever before, its message couldn’t be any more relevant. So forget getting your kids the same smartphone that adult professionals use. Instead, let their imaginations run wild with this amazing tiny oak playhouse.

This oak playhouse, by James O’Keefe, was built with roundwood timbers and waney edged planks and has wild flowers in its green roof. For those of us familiar with the Hobbit, there is truly no closer replica to Bilbo’s humble abode than this tiny playhouse.

Via Natural Homes:

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