May 2015

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venice stucco The rising cost of living, combined with the increasing gentrification of previously blighted neighborhoods in cities across America, is causing a surge in rents. In Venice, California for example, some of these prices have reached a new level of insanity. The seemingly unstoppable force that is Venice real estate could give anyone with a mild interest in real estate a conniption, when a dilapidated, rundown beach cottage with a rear apartment unit sold for $1.44 million last year. Have the real estate gods lost their minds! But taking that initial sale of that cottage on the crazy train a bit further is a 1,056-square-foot, one-bedroom house, which is asking an insane $2.2 million. For hard working folks in the world of real estate, selling a home takes…
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The best part of spring is pretty simple: no more winter. The worst part of spring is the non-stop sneezing and watery eyes, with the constant need to pop antihistamines like altoids. Sure, those cherry blossoms and fresh cut lawns are like an oasis following months of grey and bitter cold. But lurking behind all those brilliant colors and serene yards are thousands of little green invaders known as pollen. Every vehicle you see on the road is a mean and green machine, and we don’t mean eco-friendly. Rather, we’re referring to the blanket of little green particles impossibly stuck to our vehicles, making them look like they spent week off-roading when they haven’t even left the driveway.

 Does this look familiar?

car pollen

 Trying to avoid pollen is like

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